Transform a 10$ bouquet to a 100$ Bridal bouquet!

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Is your friend getting married? would you like to surprise your special person with an amazing bouquet?
we took a 10$ bouquet and following these simple steps we transformed it into a luxurious flower arrangement.
you can choose any bouquet you would like, we recommend choosing something with big leaves, different lengths of stems and big petals.

we chose a bouquet with different sized white Gerbera flowers, Madonna Lilys with beautiful petals, some Lisianthus and Baby’s Breath Inflorescence combined with different leaves lengths and sizes.

>Before we start , what do we need?
1) floral foam microphone big or small according to bouquet size
2) florist scissors
3) leafshine spray to make the flowers shine.
4) floral tape to roll the stems
a) special flower glue
b) silk or sateen to wrap around the foam microphone
c) pearl or diamond pins to decorate the foam microphone’s handle.

1) divide the flowers into 3 or 4 different sizes and lengths of stems.

2) create the handle which we will use to hold the bouquet by wrapping the floral tape on the microphone edges, cover it with sateen tape and tight it using the pearl pins.

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3) soak the foam microphones head in water to preserve our flowers in the making stage and make them last longer by staying fresh and bright.

4) start with the long branches, create a frame on one side of the foam microphone by sticking the long branches first and add branches in a circular manner (remember we want to create a frame of branches)

5) start weaving the flowers in, symmetrically and harmonically making sure not to leave big spaces.


6) fill in the gaps with the Baby’s Breath Inflorescence as needed. remember, sometimes less is more 🙂

7) finalize by adding the big petals to create the luxurious look and feel.


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