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The first bouquet of flowers was placed on my head somewhere in the early '80s .

Mother picked some sectors Roskos , connected to roses and red carnations and declared me my child 's birthday .

I do not remember what was my attitude , but the pictures seem i hade enjoyed it ...

sure that you have a similar picture of childhood :)

What is it that makes a bouquet of citrus top of and respect ? First of all ,

the size and colorful flowers attract much attention .

Try once just hang out with flowers on the street ( happens to me often ) ,

i promises that peoplewill bless you with the blessing of ' happy birthday , at least once , not to mention the variety of comments .

What is head wreath ? Flower cluster repetitive ( or random ) to creating floral Snatt ring on the head .

There are thin and minimalist bouques , rich wild thick . You can prepare them flowers or alternatively natural silk flowers .

It's about fashion and especially the mood .

> Before you start , what do we need?

Wire to create spinal flowers , green tape ( Floral tape ) ,

five types of inflorescences ,cotton ribbon and a flower scissors

.2991SV001 flowerscissors_2 green_floral_tape_size_12_wide

Step 1 :

start to create a small loop on one side of the wire ( thickness 0.6 ) .


Step 2 :

Syndicated small cluster of blossoms 3 cm , placing it immediately after the loop ( loop direction florets , green stems on the other hand ) .


Step 3 :

Take the first section of tape , wrap gently stretching movement around the green stem .


Step 4 :

Repeat the process again and again with different inflorescence .


Important Note # 1

Make sure the adhesive tape thoroughly each segment and segment ,

We dont want it to split the middle .

Important Note # 2

It is important to keep all Orientation straight- colorful blossoms , heading the loop .


Step 5 :

Repeat the process until almost the end thread , leaving 3-4 cm exposed .


Step 6 :

create another loop and wrap the exposed end zone around the folding Last adhesive section .

Threading the ribbon loops silk / raffia thread , creating a full circle and tying around the head .



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